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Thiamethoxam injunctions in advance

[main ingredients] cefotiroxine hydrochloride.
¡¾ indications ¡¿ is suitable for the treatment of bacterial diseases of livestock and poultry
1. The treatment of intestinal diseases caused by bacterial pneumonia, streptococcus, streptococcus, bacilli, and haemophilus. In particular, the first choice of drugs of haemophilus, streptococcus suis, piglet and bleached dysentery.
2. Comprehensive prevention also flow field, the respiratory tract () deputy pig haemophilus, streptococcus disease, prevent because of cutting tooth, tail, ovarian ablation due to wound infection, reduce stress and reduce the maternal antibody on weaning piglets.
3. Used for pre-natal care of sows, preventing the infection of mother pig's urinary tract, uterine infection and mastitis, and non-milk syndrome.
4. Prevention of transmission, mixing and transportation of pig bacterial diseases before and after transportation, reducing the spread of diseases and reducing stress.
Cattle 1. Treatment of cattle postpartum type of hysteritis caused by clostridium, gram-negative anaerobic bacteria or suppurative bacteria.
2. Treatment of cattle rot and hoof disease caused by bacillus necrosis or bacillus production of melanoma (acute toe necrosis) and hoof dermatitis.
3. Treatment of bovine respiratory diseases, bacterial pneumonia and transport fever caused by hemolytic pasteulobacillus, bacilli bacilli, or lethargic haemophilus.
[usage] muscle injection
Seed pig health purpose: comprehensive prevention piglets respiratory tract (haemophilus, streptococcus), intestinal (yellow dysentery) disease, protect lactation piglet because of cutting tooth, tail, wound infection caused by castration, etc.
Methods: 1 day of age, 7 days of age, 2 to 3 weeks of muscle injection, 0.1ml,0.3ml,0.5ml, double or double treatment for treatment.
Outsourcing piglet health purpose: comprehensive prevention of intestinal and respiratory disease caused by bacterial, lowering the change of environment, stress and reduce the maternal antibody on weaning piglets, improve the survival rate.
Method of use: 1 day, 7 days, 1ml of muscle injection.
In the 24 hours before the female pig breeding, the muscle injected 10ml/head: to improve the efficiency.
In the 24 hours after partum, the muscle injected 10ml/head to prevent the infection of the mother source pathogen and the postpartum lactosis, hysteritis and so on.
Fattening pig health aim: to purify pigs, reduce disease transmission and reduce stress.
Methods: the muscle injection is 5ml/head before and after feeding, rotation, mixing and transportation.
1ml (0.1ml/kg) was injected for every 10kg of weight of the diseased pig, once a day for 2-3 days.
Oxometritis: 0.5ml (0.05 ml/kg) for every 10kg of weight muscle, for 5 days
Respiratory diseases: 0.3-0.5ml (0.3-0.05 ml/kg) for each 10kg of weight muscle, 3-5 days
Putritis: 0.3 to 0.5ml (0.03-0.05 ml/kg) of muscle mass per 10kg of body weight for 3-5 days
[specification] 100ml: 5g
Packaging: 100ml/bottle

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