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[product advantage]
1. Double-effect double effect, double guarantee, effective effect.
2. Pure Chinese medicine preparations, no anti-residue, no lacing, no need to give up milk.
3. The use of pregnant animals can be diluted with cephalospora and penicillin powder.
[function and purpose] heat detoxification, swelling and heat dissipation, analgesic analgesia, the discharge of clearing damp, blood circulation, anti-inflammation, and immunological function. Suitable for cows caused by acute and chronic mastitis, breast swelling, fever, pain, lumps or decay, there is clot in milk, milk dilute or is watery, atherosclerosis, milk is red, yellow and so on.
Intramuscular or intravenous administration: 0.1ml for every 1 kg of body weight, for five days.

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