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Blood insect peptide

Blood insect peptide
[function and purpose] have a strong inhibitory effect on most gram-positive and negative bacteria.
1. The infection of respiratory, digestive tract and urinary tract caused by various sensitive bacteria.
2. Excellent effect on coccidiosis, pig toxoplasma and streptococcus disease
3. Local perfusion can treat mastitis and endometritis
4. There is a significant effect on salmonella, e. coli, infectious pleural pneumonia and enterotoxemia.
Intramuscular injection: 1. Intramuscular or intravenous administration: one dose. Each 1kg weight, horse, ox 0.05 ml, sheep, pig 0.1 ml, bird 0.1 ml, one day, two ~3 days
2. Mixed drink: 10ml water for drinking water 5kg

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