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Abdominal we

Ingredient: sulfuric acid.
¡¾ traits ¡¿ : this product is white or white powder.
[pharmacological action] : sulfuric acid colistin is a highly selective, polypeptide cycloantibiotic with strong resistance to gram-negative bacteria. Free amino with positive charge and gram-negative bacteria cell membrane phospholipids in combination with negatively charged phosphoric acid root, reduce cell size film surface tension, permeability increases, the cell size film caused by loss of barrier purines and pyrimidines in cells, nuclear wast, acid, etc., extruding from the protoplasmic cell, the cell death mans. Colistin, which increases the surface area of the cell membrane, increases the permeability, and causes the cell to die by leaking out the phosphates and nucleoxiic acid in the cell. This product has certain growth effect.
¡¾ indications ¡¿ : antibiotic drugs. It is mainly used for the intestinal diseases caused by gram-negative bacteria, and has certain growth-promoting effects. This product is an important health medicine for large and medium-sized pig farms. For prevention and treatment:
1, livestock: it also flow field, the piglet edema disease, calf paratyphoid, blood flow field, the lamb dysentery and rabbit staphylococcus disease, enteritis, diarrhea disease, characterized by increased body temperature, more recurrent diarrhea, row yellowish-white thin, angular, ataxia, shape after swimming.
2. Preventive medicine for farms: healthy livestock and poultry use can promote growth, significantly increase weight gain, improve meat quality, make fur shine and sell well, improve feed conversion rate and bacteria survival rate.
[usage] : treatment: 100g for every 100kg of feed
Mix with pig every 200kg of water add this product 100g, for free drinking: use 3-5 days, prevent dosage halve.
Growth: 100g for each 500kg of feed
Mix with pig every 1000kg of water and 100g of this product, drink freely: 3-5 days.
¡¾ caution ¡¿ : this product should not be used in combination with aminomycin or tetracycline.
[stop drug date] : chicken 5
[bad reaction] : the bull should be used with caution
[specifications] : 100g: 5% of sulfuric acid
Packaging specification: 100g/bag

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