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Double yellow clear liquid

[main ingredients] honeysuckle: diglycol, chlorogenic acid, and benoxin; Scutellaria: baicalin, a-glusterol; Forsythia: forsythia and oleanolic acid.
[function and control] the following severe confusion and fever:
The pig is accompanied by red cytoprotic cytoparicosis, mild swine fever, and streptococcal disease of blue ear disease
Toxoplasmosis pneumoniae pneumoniae pneumoniae pneumoniae pneumoniae pneumoniae - pneumoconiosis
Bacteria, viruses, clinical symptoms ¡¿ ¡¾ blood worms, mycoplasma infection and mixed infection, clinically used for high fever is not retreated, don't eat, difficulty breathing, skin symptoms such as red, purple, cyanosis, or pale skin. In particular, high fever syndrome, multi-system comprehensive failure, and complicated diseases caused by complicated diseases have unique curative effect. Are: body temperature 40-42.5 ¡æ, the continued fever, loss of appetite, and even waste, spirit is depressed, stool stem node, sometimes alternating constipation, diarrhea, afraid of the cold, heap, asthma, breathing difficulties. Early visual mucosal hyperemia, pale, jaundice, yellow urine, skin redness, later appeared irregular purple, finally become blue purple, cyanosis, dry, forelimbs edema, sick pigs last lie JinBuQi, hypothermia systemic circulatory disorders, failure death; Pregnant sows fever, lethargy, and premature birth, abortion, stillbirth, mummies, and produce the symptom such as weak young, boars anorexia, lethargy, fever, abnormal breathing, semen quality decreased, the decrease in the number of sperm, low energy, breathing difficulties, runny nose, increased body temperature, sometimes visible, vomiting, diarrhea, limb swiping, balance disorders, tend to occur joints, the onset of a few days a few pigs erjian, genitals, and abdomen, limb, and mouth and nose skin cyanosis, a purple blue; Piglets are progressive emaciation, physical deterioration, fur lackluster, skin was pale yellow dye, continuous or intermittent diarrhea, difficulty in breathing syndrome, such as dermatitis and renal failure, and spleen and large area of necrosis, etc.;
[usage dosage] deep muscle injection: 1 ~ 1.5ml (0.1 ~ 0.15ml/kg) per 10kg weight, 1 times a day, 2 ~ 3 days.
Oral clothing: take 2ml of weight per 10kg, and the critical condition can be increased by 2 ~ 3 days.
[specification] 100ml: equivalent to 150g of original medicine.
Packaging: 100ml/bottle/box
Storage: avoid light and seal preservation.

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