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Double yellow paste

Main ingredients: honeysuckle, scutellaria and forsythia (1:1:2)
Function main treatment: xincoolometer, heat detoxification, heat dissipation, dry and wet diarrhea. It is mainly used for cold fever, lung fever cough, sore throat, upper respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, pharyngitis, acute and chronic respiratory tract infection and other bacterial and viral diseases. Especially for the current epidemic gastroenteritis, stomatitis, porcine circovirus disease, blue ear disease caused by various viral infection and so on have significant curative effect.
Usage amount (recommended amount) : 100g powder water 1000ml, stir to dissolve, settle, remove liquid, fill bottle, sterilize.
Packaging of aluminum foil bags, 100g x 10 pack/pail.
Storage: stored in a cool and dry place, sealed and preserved.

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