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0.5g ceftiazide sodium

Pregnant animals can be put into intravenous drip
Unknown hyperthermia/respiratory infection syndrome/swine haemophilus/streptococcus disease/escherichia coli/partum postpartum infection
¡¾ main ingredients ¡¿ cefazurazone sodium, sodium prosulfonate sodium, fluronixine glucosamine, synergistic immunity.
¡¾ sexual ¡¿ this product is white to grayish yellow powder.
The infection of gram-positive and negative bacteria in livestock and poultry. Such as pasteulobacter, hemolytic pasteulobacter, pleural pneumoniae, haemophilus, salmonella, escherichia coli, streptococcus, staphylococcus, etc.
1. Livestock: unknown high fever syndrome, contagious pleuropneumonia, lung disease, panting, bronchitis, vice haemophilus pig disease, streptococcus disease, sepsis, blood poisoning, mastitis, endometritis, postpartum infection and variation of blue ear disease, a mild illness caused by secondary infection.
2. Poultry: chicken colibacillosis and pullorosis artificially infected, enteritis, chronic respiratory disease, cholera, infectious rhinitis and paratyphoid, serositis duck and slowly, to spread, bursal disease, such as influenza caused by secondary infection.
¡¾ usage and dosage ¡¿ intramuscular injection or intravenous drip: a quantity, pigs, sheep 60 ~ 100 kg weight using this product 1, horses, cattle, 200 ~ 300 kg 1, the use of this product 1 times a day, stay 2 ~ 3 days.
Subcutaneous injection: 1 day old chicken, 1 for every 1000; Adult poultry, one for every 100.
There is no regulation.
[note] 1. Dissolve with water before use (dilute with aminoplin injection).
2. This product is synergistic with gentamycin and quinolone;
The oxen 3 day, pig 2.
[regulation] 5g (cefotiazide 0.5g)

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