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Deputy addicted to take an examination of the star

Deputy addicted to take an examination of the star
[function and purpose]
Is mainly used for respiratory disease caused by haemophilus pigs, cattle, infectious keratitis, porcine contagious pleuropneumonia, streptococcus disease, meningitis, brain edema, mastitis, and postpartum syndrome, pig gastrointestinal tract infection: pullorosis artificially infected in yellow, piglets, edema disease, all kinds of such as diarrhea, dysentery, typhus fever of unknown origin.
[usage dosage] muscle injection: one dose, each
1kg of weight, 0.08ml of cattle, 0.1ml of pigs, 0.1ml of sheep, 0.12ml of small animals such as dogs and poultry, once a day, intensive 2~3 days

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