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Production speed

Production speed,
[product features]
This product is a broad-spectrum efficient peptides anaerobic bacteria and drug resistance, can not only anaerobic bacteria resistance, treponema, e. vibrio, streptococcus, staphylococcus aureus, and resistant to organization trichomoniasis, ciliate, amoeba, etc.
[function and purpose] the mother's body temperature rises after giving birth
More than 40 ˇć, eat less or don't eat, xi lie or unsteady gait, shivering, respiration, decrease slightly dry stool, milk or milk, vagina outflow pink or reddish brown secretion; Anaerobic bacteria, trichomoniasis, tissue trichomoniasis caused vaginitis, endometritis, ovitis, ovary inflammation, etc. There are various intestinal and enteral toxicity diseases such as dysentery, yellow and white dysentery and enteric syndrome.
1. Mix materials: livestock: 100g mixed materials 50~ 100kg; Poultry: 100g of this product mix 100~200kg
2. Maternal pig perinatal care: 1 week to postpartum week, 50kg of this product 100g, 2 weeks
Weaning health care of piglets: from 3 days before weaning, 4 days after weaning, 50kg of the product 100g and 7 days

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