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¡¡¡¡Shanghai zhangbang biotechnology co., LTD. Is a national GMP certification enterprise. It is a large enterprise specializing in the production and sales of health food, skin mucous membrane and sanitary products. The company has been adhering to the "integrity-based, service first" corporate purposes, adhere to the "talent is the key to success, innovation is the source of development, the network is the foundation of survival, management is the guarantee of efficiency" business philosophy, market-oriented, serve the society, and efforts to develop to the research, development, sales of new, special, superior products operating characteristics. In the process of business the company has always adhere to "by network, by quality foundation, stronger by management and to do work by innovation" business philosophy, law-abiding, pay taxes in accordance with the law, set up a good enterprise image in society, won the society from all walks of life and widespread customers trust and praise.

¡¡¡¡Company headquarters is located in jiangxi zhangshu painted (Chinese medicine), is mainly engaged in health food, food, skin and mucous membrane, sanitary products, medical equipment, such as diversified varieties, sales in the area, and based on the advantage of high quality products, as a starting point, from the perspective of professional, effective let people use practical health food and health supplies, the price is reasonable. We adhere to the "health care products, for the benefit of humanity, the good faith management, to carry forward the quintessence" the management policy, aggressive, continuous innovation, adherence to the "customer is god" the creed, building a perfect system of market protection to ensure that the agents, franchisees, medical institutions and the interest of the customers, won a good reputation in the customers.

¡¡¡¡Company headquarters GMP production of health food, oral liquid, tablets, granules, soft capsule, hard capsule, health wine, powder), topical skin mucous membrane products (lotion, cream, gel, spray) and medical equipment (cooling gel, sleep, etc.), etc. Series of products more than 400, annual output value over one hundred million yuan, marketing network all over the country. It has formed the development mode of specialization, branding and scale, with brand vitality and market competitiveness.
QS already through six series of seven categories, starch sugar (glucose) (partial shipments), infant formula and other grains (infant formula grain), candy products (candy), drinks (solid drinks and other beverages), other wine (configuration), bee products, bee products, bee products).

¡¡¡¡ZhangBang Shanghai biological technology co., LTD. Will provide the progress of The Times, the change of consumption idea opportunity for development, adhere to the win-win as the principle, and across the country, agents, franchisees, collaborative endeavor of medical institutions, determined to make a greater contribution to mankind's health, diligently struggle to find new field for human health services.

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