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- hard work in 2005 in response to the state of all veterinary drug manufacturers must fully GMP renovation, Mr Chong xin pharmaceutical founder OuYangGongBing self-raised funds of 3 million yuan to buy the zhangshu a township veterinary drug production enterprise, and moved to the north of zhangshu economic and technological development zone of veterinary drug GMP renovation, and in January 2006 passed the GMP acceptance, have water, oral liquid, powder, premix, external use of pesticides, such as solid and liquid disinfectant dosage forms. The company from top to bottom with "in science and technology as the forerunner, strives for the survival by the quality, and promote development by innovation, service brand" business philosophy, rely on the spirit of "chong xin pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical industry pioneer", down-to-earth, hard working, produce the low price, high quality to adapt to the market demand of a large number of veterinary drug products, to provide timely and thoughtful pre-sale after-sales service, to surpass the $ten million sales mark in 2006, so as to cause the extensive concern of the industry and the government of zhangshu.

- historical turning point, in 2009, in zhangshu government guidance and help, jiangxi chong xin pharmaceutical company resolutely to spend 50 million yuan to mergers and acquisitions of more than 60000 square meters factory building, completed the second phase of the veterinary medicine GMP transformation and passed GMP acceptance, increase dosage forms are: booster injection, large capacity injection, Chinese medicine extract. It became the first major veterinary drug production enterprise in jiangxi province. Also established a hin of jiangxi province ecological garden co., LTD., as a new product research and development of veterinary drug experimental base, the group company is established and formed in the same year, employee has developed from a previous dozens to hundreds of people, from then on into the way of scale management and diversified development.

- diversification in 2010, gen xin pharmaceutical industry to continue adhering to the "hard for human physique" corporate purposes, the introduction of foreign design talent, with first-class equipment, first-class design, a high starting point into the health food industry, established the jiangxi ZhangBang ZhangBang pharmaceutical co., LTD. And Shanghai biological technology co., LTD., and one through six GMP production line (oral liquid, tablet, granule, capsule, soft capsule and the agent), six QS production line (preparation, solid drink wine and other beverages, tabletting candy, honey refined cream powder, infant and young child nutrition valley) and two production lines (lotion, cream) for external use only. According to the international environmental standards organization production, and adopt the method of zero initial attraction of the nation's merchants to join, set up thousands of health food stores across the country, to become one of the famous brand of health food in China, the preliminary shows chong xin pharmaceutical group cross-industry business confidence and determination, to create a new starting point for enterprise development, and further into diversified enterprises laid a solid foundation.

- business again after entering the new century, chong xin pharmaceutical group has a strong product independent research and development capabilities and technological innovation ability, under the strong financial security, by introducing the international most advanced production equipment technology, digestion, absorption and re-innovation, make the company has a strong core competition ability. Through the development of new products and wide market, the development of science and industry leading position is becoming more and more stable. Was founded in 2011 in jiangxi province ZhangBang investment company (relating to the development of real estate investment, industrial real estate investment, the investment of engineering construction, etc.) and Jiang Xihong xin microcredit companies (relating to the financial), Chinese medicine raw materials company was founded in 2012 in jiangxi province, chong hin (relating to the extract, Chinese medicine yinpian, etc.), thus truly complete the prototype of the diversification. At present, chuxin pharmaceutical group is continuously expanding its investment scale, constantly innovating and making progress towards the target of China's top 100 enterprises.

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