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The company has a warning

Ten types of people who can't get into the management of a company:
1) there is no organizational concept, no human principle, no personal opinion, no one can carry out the operation plan developed by the company.
2) there is no benefit principle, just want to do not want the enterprise, to the superior and the subordinate can not effectively communicate effectively, the individual interests first person.
3) unable to take the initiative to undertake and complete the major work tasks of the company.
4) greedy for small profits, public and private, using the company resources to meet the needs of others and damaging the interests of the company.
5) in the enterprise, malicious colluding, the person who cliques the person who fights the enterprise behavior.
6) create internal contradictions, make use of internal contradictions to create a problem, face to face one set behind, see a person to say, ghost talk, deceive people to hide, the two sides to please.
7) there are no plans, no goals, no passion for work, no problem in the work.
8) the person who does not speak the principle, with strong arbitrariness, does not finish the work on time.
9) when things are not calm, emotional and serious, they can not self-check for the loss of the enterprise, and try to take off for themselves.
10) people who do not understand management, do not learn management, and can not play the role of team.
First-class enterprises need first-class talents, but only through first-class management can we build a first-class team!

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