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Cooperate with the sales team of veterinary drugs

  Jiangxi chuangxin pharmaceutical group is a collection branch, workers, trade as one of the modern veterinary medicine GMP large-scale production enterprises, the group has seven independent production lines, a total of 14 kinds of product formulations, more than two hundred national standard approval number. In order to better develop the market, adapt to the needs of modern market sale mode diversification, to sincerely cooperation throughout the country sales team in order to seek common development, the group will do our best to provide you with good development platform.

  Specific requirements are:
  1. Sales experience in veterinary drugs or related industries for more than three years;
  2. A sales team of 6-8 people or above (with better technical service staff);
  3. A team organizer with absolute trust and a complete set of team management standards;
  4. There are certain township distribution outlets and pig farm networks.  
  Sincerely invite, interested parties please contact me
  ChuangXin group0795-7858666

Jiangxi chuangxin pharmaceutical group
April 26, 2016

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