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¡¡¡¡JiangXi ChuangXin Pharmaceutical group Co.,Ltd.Is a comprehensive development high-tech enterprise. The main industries of the group are veterinary medicine, traditional Chinese medicine raw materials, medicine, food, electromechanical equipment, agricultural ecological park, financial investment. Now has jiangxi xin pharmaceutical group co., LTD., jiangxi ZhangBang pharmaceutical co., LTD., jiangxi agricultural ecology park co., LTD., jiangxi and hin effort crown mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD., jiangxi ZhangBang investment co., LTD., jiangxi and sing Chinese medicine raw materials co., LTD. The group headquarters is located in the millennium pharmacy - the economic development zone of chengbei city, zhangshuang city, jiangxi province.

¡¡¡¡Group on the basis of "total cost leadership strategy, market diversification strategy and sustainable development strategy, further adjust industrial structure, based on the original extension, the integration of industrial chain, promote the expansion of the brand effect. At the beginning of the company, the company established the business philosophy of "taking science and technology as the lead, seeking survival with quality, promoting development by innovation, and serving as a brand". The group has nearly a thousand employees, including more than 55 percent of college graduates and 158 professional technicians, including 5 senior professional titles and 69 undergraduate majors. Veterinary medicine GMP, pharmaceutical GMP, QS, ISO9001-2003 certification of mechanical and electronic enterprises, Chinese herbal medicine GAP demonstration base, such as several large production base, realize the annual output value over one hundred million yuan in 2009, is a collection of many industrialization of scientific research, production, operating in one of the provincial high-tech enterprises.¡¡ 

¡¡¡¡With the establishment of the group company, the future goal is to strive to be listed in 3 internal operation group. Within 5 years, we will strive to rank the veterinary medicine and agricultural ecological park industry in the top 50 of the national agricultural leading enterprises. Chuangxin group has the strength to combine the needs of the customers and users of the whole country to participate in the construction of a prosperous and harmonious society.

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West Road,Chengbei Economic And Technical Development Zone,Zhangshu City,Jiangxi Province